Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will Sam Bradford take a step back or forward?

Sam Bradford
The Rams hired Josh McDaniels yesterday as their new Offensive Coordinator. He replaces Pat Shurmur, who got hired in Cleveland as the Head Coach; I think Mike Holmgren wanted to get more involved in the coaching of the team that’s why he hired someone from his “coaching tree”, basically someone who won’t object to his interference. McDaniels has a history of working with QBs like Brady and Cassel and improving their game. He is regarded as one of the great young offensive minds in the NFL. It was reported that he wanted control of the entire offense so he can do as he pleases; I hope Steve Spagnuolo, the Head Coach of the Rams, is smart enough to keep the “young genius” on a short leash and not let him get involved in any personnel decisions. Our Josh had complete control in Denver and in no time he gutted that team and left it in ruins. Good luck Elway with that project! As long as McDaniels sticks to Xs and Os he should be good. I have read a few comments made by “specialists” in the business, regarding Mcdaniels’ hire, saying that Sam Bradford will take a step back in his development as a QB because of the system change; that the system McDaniels likes to run is a lot different than the one he played in this year. Dilfer my friend, take it easy bro! I think you have been watching too much film lately and you can’t even see what’s in front of you. If we look back 2 years or more, we will see Bradford in college playing in a spread system, in the shotgun most of the time with 3,4 and 5 receiver sets. McDaniels asks his QB to do a lot of the same things Bradford is already used to doing. Josh McDaniels will have a lot more success in St. Louis than in Denver because the QB he is working with is a lot more mobile and better than the one he had in Denver, the running back is a lot better and now he doesn’t have to run a franchise, just DO HIS JOB, the way Belichick taught him. I think Sam Bradford will actually take a step forward and not back the way others predict. If the Rams add some wide receivers to the mix during the draft or free agency they will be a lot stronger offensively than this year. After the first year, the game will slowdown for Bradford and he has plenty of time to learn the new terminology in the offseason and training camp. Let’s not forget, he was a rookie this year and last year this time he was getting ready for the Draft, always doing something. Now, he can reflect on the season, take some time off and learn the new playbook. McDaniels needs to ease him along, not overwhelm him with information, so he can grow, develop and be a good QB for a long time in the NFL.

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  1. Sam bradford is the real deal. He is one of the calmest pocket passers in the league and can make every throw on the field. With a healthy Jackson and Clayton, Bradford could develop into a top ten quarterback. He plays in the weakest division in the NFL, and hoestly only needs 9 wins to make the playoffs.

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